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Hello. I am Jonathan Schwartz. Welcome to The World of Schwartz.

A little about me: Back in 2009, as a hobby, I purchased my DSLR, Nikon D60, in hopes to take better pictures over just using a simple point-and-shoot and I succeeded! I initially took a class to learn the ins and outs of a SLR and how to use the camera the correct way in manual mode, not automatic. Using the camera in manual mode gives a much better perspective when shooting and lots more ways to take the shot… more light, less light, movement, frozen. As time progressed, my photo gear grew and my first addition became to be a Sigma 18-200mm lens. Boy, what an amazing all-purpose zoom lens. I highly recommend. After that I decided to purchase a fisheye lens attachment for the 18-55mm Nikon kit lens. Some pretty neat shots from that. Next, a tripod to shoot at night, for those long exposure shots. My most recent purchase is a Nikon SB-700 TTL Flash and 50mm Prime lens.

As you look through my page, you will see lots of landscape shots. This kind of shooting is my favorite. These shots are really worth a 1,000 words. On top of that, I live in the best place in the world, New York City! At every corner, anytime of the day or night, there is something going on, something to shoot. Now you can understand why the majority of shots are tagged with NYC.
My next adventure is to learn portraiture. Hence, the purchase of the flash. Wish me luck!
Speaking about adventures, I have a travel bug and this camera has been with me in some of my travels: Iceland (Dec2009), Peru (August2010), Riviera Maya, Mexico (Sept2011), Jamaica (June 2012), Spain (Sept 2012)… more to come!

Thank you for taking your time to look at my art.

Please comment on my photos. I’d love to hear what you think.

Prints are available for purchase. Please contact me for volume pricing.

Thank you for visiting.

Jonathan Schwartz